Prismatic Cloudcrystals

The door to the back bangs open. “Miyara!” Lorwyn snaps. “Get back here.”

Lorwyn knows better than to make an outburst like that in front of customers, so I don’t bother addressing that and just raise my eyebrows with a bland expression. “Of course, I’ll be with you in a moment.”

“You’d better,” she mutters. “This is your problem.”

The door slams shut.

So, not an emergency, then.

Unless she means it to only trouble me the longer I wait.

I settle the ruffled nerves of the customers in the front as quickly as possible and hurry back.


Lorwyn glares at me.

However, it’s not immediately obvious that anything is in fact wrong.

The warehouse is quiet, no more boxes than usual are out of place, and no ingredients appear to have made an escape attempt.

“Are you going to use your words, or am I supposed to just trip over whatever the problem is?” I ask.

“Oh, you will,” she says ominously, and jerks her head. “Head that way.”

Lorwyn probably wouldn’t send me into a trap—at least not if she’s expecting me to make it go away—so I follow her directions down one of the aisles of boxes.

Now that I’m here, there’s more evidence of disarray, but I’m still not sure why—

A ball of fur and claws leaps across the stacks, and I rapidly stumble back a few steps.

I turn to stare at where it lands in time to see a familiar pair of scaly wings swoop down as if to tag the floof.

But Yorani misses, because what I have to assume is a cat has neatly burrowed into an improbably small gap in their chosen box of what was intended to be tea ingredients from the Cataclysm.

I begin to see the problem. And more particularly, why Lorwyn was designated it mine.

“Yorani, did you make a new cat friend?” I ask.

My familiar chirps at me absently—happy, but irritated at having her game interrupted—before disappearing into a higher shelf to hide, presumably before her next ambush.

I carefully peer into the box of ingredients the cat has nested in. They blink up at me, curling deeper among the sachets contained therein and purring.

“At least all parties are in agreement this is a game,” I murmur. I glance between the box and the higher shelf again, then withdraw back to Lorwyn’s desk.

“So,” I say, “the cat is currently in a box of prismatic cloudcrystals. I assume with the concentration of vapor their fur will be more, ah, colorful than standard in short order.”

Lorwyn winces. “Spirits. That cat isn’t going to just be multicolored, Miyara. They’re going to be such a kaleidoscope that even looking their way will make you dizzy, like a cursed rainbow void. Do you know what else they’ve gotten into?”

“I was going to ask you,” I say.

“Not my problem,” Lorwyn says staunchly.

“Under other circumstances I’d say I need to have a conversation with the tea boys about storage procedures, but I don’t think they’re up to the challenge of dragon-proofing, let alone cat-proofing.” I sigh. “You really brought me back here to be the one to spoil Yorani’s fun, didn’t you?”

“I’ve been the family spoilsport for years,” Lorwyn confirms. “This one definitely falls to you. Good luck.”

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