Chapter 1 (introduction)

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Shaved Sagehorn

This week’s interlude is a bit longer than usual in order to answer a question left in the comments of Sunshine Pods: “…does Talmeri’s do mail order?” The short answer is regrettably not. The long answer explaining the reasons is below.   I arrive at the tea shop early, asking Lorwyn as I come in … More Shaved Sagehorn

Sunshine Pods

Taseino approaches the tea counter, frowning. “Can I get your help for a minute?” I’m in the process of tracking the brewing of six different orders at once, and I’m running out of time to put in the order Talmeri forgot to one of our regular suppliers, let alone any of the other store tasks. … More Sunshine Pods

Glimmerdust Essence

Meristo dashes past me fast enough I fear for the stability of the tea tray he carries. Fortunately, his muscle memory is up to the task, and he sets it down quickly before pivoting around to help the next customer. Before I can blink he’s visited a third. He’s a fountain of productivity today, but … More Glimmerdust Essence

Nyorik Blood

Iskielo is still trapped with an elderly customer across the room and looks increasingly desperate. I snag Meristo. “Let me get started on your orders. Iskielo could do with a rescue.” To my surprise, Meristo laughs. “I’m not getting in the middle of that, and neither should you.” I frown at him. “You’re normally happy … More Nyorik Blood

Sparkweed Oil

“Okay, you both have to try this,” Lorwyn announces. I exchange a look with Meristo and shrug. Talmeri scheduled us to come in early to help receive a particularly large shipment, but at this point it’s clear the delivery won’t arrive today after all. Until the shop opens, we can attend to whatever tasks we … More Sparkweed Oil

Firebloom Droppings

“I need a tea to make someone love me,” the customer explains. “Well, that’s a tall order,” I say. “We have a chocolate rose tisane, which, if you pair with a gift from—” “No, not like that. One of your magic teas. One that will make the drinker fall in love with the person who … More Firebloom Droppings

Grated Gasworm

“My palate is very refined,” the young man in front of the counter explains. “I doubt you have anything that can stump me.” “You might be surprised,” I say. “Talmeri’s teas and tisanes utilize some uncommon ingredients.” I move to step out from behind the counter, and the man edges over to be in my … More Grated Gasworm

Chapter 27

The next few days pass in a whirl of activity, punctuated by a few momentous exchanges. At first, my only priority is serving the Te Muraka. And Yorani, but she’s content to turn what I’m coming to know as her unique brand of mischief on them for long stretches of time. Sa Nikuran finds her … More Chapter 27

Chapter 26

Sa Rangim alone journeys with us back through the Cataclysm, and his awe taking in the world when we step through the barrier is wonderful and painful to behold. We don’t have much time, but I don’t want to interrupt this delicate moment. Given the task ahead I’ll be glad to have his calm, assured … More Chapter 26

Chapter 25

The world looks different inside Lorwyn’s magic. I can see all the same things as my friends, but I still can’t understand how we progress. I don’t know what track it is that Risteri is following, I don’t know what Lorwyn does to counteract magical interference—only that she does something, as my stomach is a … More Chapter 25