Chapter 1 (introduction)

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Chapter 27

The next few days pass in a whirl of activity, punctuated by a few momentous exchanges. At first, my only priority is serving the Te Muraka. And Yorani, but she’s content to turn what I’m coming to know as her unique brand of mischief on them for long stretches of time. Sa Nikuran finds her … More Chapter 27

Chapter 26

Sa Rangim alone journeys with us back through the Cataclysm, and his awe taking in the world when we step through the barrier is wonderful and painful to behold. We don’t have much time, but I don’t want to interrupt this delicate moment. Given the task ahead I’ll be glad to have his calm, assured … More Chapter 26

Chapter 25

The world looks different inside Lorwyn’s magic. I can see all the same things as my friends, but I still can’t understand how we progress. I don’t know what track it is that Risteri is following, I don’t know what Lorwyn does to counteract magical interference—only that she does something, as my stomach is a … More Chapter 25

Chapter 24

Entero shakes me awake, and his grim countenance has me sitting bolt upright on Deniel’s couch in seconds. “What happened?” I ask. “Was Deniel not able to call the meeting?” “He hasn’t been back,” Entero says. “As far as we know he hasn’t encountered any unforeseen problems.” “Then what?” “The tea master is here,” he … More Chapter 24

Chapter 23

“Are you sure you need to come?” Risteri asks me. “Of all of us you’re the only one who doesn’t know how to protect herself, and we’re going deep inside the Cataclysm. That there’ll be something you need protection from is certain, even if it’s not my father.” I glance at Entero. His face is … More Chapter 23

Chapter 22

A few days later, I knock on Deniel’s door. As has been the case over the last weeks, he’s slow to answer. Not just slow: there’s rapid clattering in the background that makes me wonder what I’ve interrupted, and why he’s scrambling to hide it. When Deniel does make it to the door, he’s surprised. … More Chapter 22

Chapter 21

“Wow,” Risteri breathes once I’ve finished performing the tea ceremony for her in the cottage. “You really are good at this.” “Not good enough, yet,” I say. The deprecation is out before I can stop it, so I wince and add, “But thank you.” Risteri nods. “Yeah, a tea master performed the ceremony for me … More Chapter 21

Chapter 20

“I got your message to pick up cleaning supplies on my way in,” I tell Lorwyn when Entero and I arrive in the back. “I put the cost on Talmeri’s tab.” I heave them down on the floor, taking deep breaths. “Why isn’t Grace ‘My Muscles are Chiseled from Stone’ Entero carrying any of this?” … More Chapter 20

Chapter 19

For the rest of the week, I drive myself to exhaustion reorganizing the inventory system at the shop and studying for tea mastery in all the hours I can snag before and after. More than once Deniel wakes me for dinner, but tonight it’s my turn to wake him for another council meeting. I pause … More Chapter 19