Nellberry Juice

“Could I try the nellberry juice green tea please?” the customer asks. I flick my gaze to the side. Yorani’s ears swivel in the direction of the words “nellberry juice,” followed swiftly by her intent gaze. She knows what’s coming. “How would you like to make a friend?” I ask the customer. They look tense, … More Nellberry Juice

Prismatic Cloudcrystals

The door to the back bangs open. “Miyara!” Lorwyn snaps. “Get back here.” Lorwyn knows better than to make an outburst like that in front of customers, so I don’t bother addressing that and just raise my eyebrows with a bland expression. “Of course, I’ll be with you in a moment.” “You’d better,” she mutters. … More Prismatic Cloudcrystals

Lellabean Extract

“We’re looking for sponsors for a new business venture, and we thought you might be interested in partnering with us.” I’m used to this sort of request by now, but she is the first Gaellani to come bearing one. Although the requests are rarely in line with our store mission, I wish I could be … More Lellabean Extract

Fleyrgast Droppings

“Miyara,” Lorwyn growls, “please come to the back when you have a moment.” This is surprisingly tactful of Lorwyn, which I’m sure is for the customers’ benefit. I don’t imagine for a moment though that she does not in fact mean “immediately.” I bow and take my leave, waving at Taseino so he knows to … More Fleyrgast Droppings

Sparkweed Oil

“Okay, you both have to try this,” Lorwyn announces. I exchange a look with Meristo and shrug. Talmeri scheduled us to come in early to help receive a particularly large shipment, but at this point it’s clear the delivery won’t arrive today after all. Until the shop opens, we can attend to whatever tasks we … More Sparkweed Oil

Grated Gasworm

“My palate is very refined,” the young man in front of the counter explains. “I doubt you have anything that can stump me.” “You might be surprised,” I say. “Talmeri’s teas and tisanes utilize some uncommon ingredients.” I move to step out from behind the counter, and the man edges over to be in my … More Grated Gasworm