Tea Princess Chronicles is a serial novel project following the adventures of a princess who escapes her meaningless life and goes into hiding, finding her place in the world serving a struggling community by running a tea shop that sits on the edge of a magical disaster.

To read the story from the beginning, click on the first chapter pinned to the homepage and follow the links in order! The first four chapters, marked “Introduction,” should give you a good sample of what you’re getting into.

Once you’ve read the first four chapters, check out the Tea Shop Interludes tab! (The interludes won’t make a lot of sense without the introductory context!) These are side scenes, about 500 words each, that can be read at any time during the course of the narrative. Each takes place in the tea shop where Miyara works and involves a different tea, usually a blend involving a fantasy ingredient. I write these as the Patreon reaches new goals, so if you’d like to see more please check out the details there!

All chapters after the first four are currently down as I do a full editing pass for Reasons that I will announce shortly đź‘€. I promise all three books will be available again soon! If you have a dire need in the meantime (I feel you, it’s been A Year over here), feel free to email me.

You can get updates by subscribing to the blog or following @teamagicserial on Twitter. For more about the project—why I’m writing this, where the art comes from, how often posts happen, and more—check out the FAQ.

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If you still have more questions, contact me at tea.princess.chronicles [at] gmail [dot] com!