Tea Shop Interludes

Tea Shop Interludes are side scenes of about 500 words each. I’ll list them here in the order that I post them, but they can be read in any order and at any point during the narrative without egregious spoilers (but I recommend reading the first four introductory chapters for context first).

Each scene is set in the tea shop where Miyara works and involves a different tea blended with a fantasy ingredient. I’ll name each scene according to that ingredient: that way, when the Patreon reaches new goals and it comes time to suggest or vote on fantasy ingredients, you can easily tell which ingredients have already been used.

For Bonus Scenes set outside the tea shop, check here. For more detail about how this works, please visit my Patreon!

Sleekbeetle Scale

Dreadstalk Bark

Celita Dust

Jacksnake Ichor

Jellyrose Lichen

Rainberry Crystals

Stealthbee Secretions


Pasella Seed

Nyorik Blood

Glimmerdust Essence

Sunshine Pods

Shaved Sagehorn

Sessaril Petals

Rorenfruit Sludge

Jeriot Fronds

Poscunder Bile

Seepingtoad Acid

Ever Starbloom

Kelwort Green

Shadowswarm Honey

Crushed Goldleaf

Gelasa Bark

Delwinder Extract

The following Tea Shop Interludes contain spoilers for A Coup of Tea.

Grated Gasworm

Firebloom Droppings

Sparkweed Oil

Dreamreacher Drops

Fleyrgast Droppings

Sylph’s Dancedrops

Perynroot Red

Morlsbane Sap

Flickerwind Petals

Prismatic Cloudcrystals

Nellberry Juice

The following Tea Shop Interludes contain spoilers for Tea Set and Match.

Zalfrey Venom

Patchberry Nectar

Lellabean Extract

updated February 2nd, 2020