Delwinder Extract

A/N: Happy Thanksgiving week! I’m heading out of town and will be back with a new chapter next week.    “I hold you both personally responsible for this,” Meristo groans, flopping into a chair. “I’m never moving again. It’s incredible I made it this far.” Lorwyn manages to sound profoundly unconcerned as she asks, “What … More Delwinder Extract

Prismatic Cloudcrystals

The door to the back bangs open. “Miyara!” Lorwyn snaps. “Get back here.” Lorwyn knows better than to make an outburst like that in front of customers, so I don’t bother addressing that and just raise my eyebrows with a bland expression. “Of course, I’ll be with you in a moment.” “You’d better,” she mutters. … More Prismatic Cloudcrystals

Kelwort Green

All of us are nearly at our collective wit’s end with Iskielo today. I can sympathize with eating too much at the party his parents brought him to. I am less sympathetic about how very he smug he is about said food, all the while groaning and whining about how full he is and how … More Kelwort Green

Poscunder Bile

“When I get my hands on Iskielo,” Lorwyn growls, “he’s going to wish I’d murdered him.” Oh dear. “Dare I ask what he did to deserve such a fate?” “Come with me,” Lorwyn says, stalking toward the shelves and pointing at a column of out-of-place boxes. “Look at that.” I tilt my head to one … More Poscunder Bile

Shaved Sagehorn

This week’s interlude is a bit longer than usual in order to answer a question left in the comments of Sunshine Pods: “…does Talmeri’s do mail order?” The short answer is regrettably not. The long answer explaining the reasons is below.   I arrive at the tea shop early, asking Lorwyn as I come in … More Shaved Sagehorn

A Coup of Tea: Chapter 2 (introduction)

I startle awake to hands shoving me roughly. “Hey, grace, where’s your ticket?” someone is asking. I blink rapidly into the face of a conductor. “I’m sorry?” I respond automatically, while part of my brain wonders if I have ever been addressed as “grace,” a common address of respect, rather than “highness.” “Where’s your ticket?” … More A Coup of Tea: Chapter 2 (introduction)