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If you’re interested in supporting my work, you have my utmost thanks! At the end of each post, you will see a link to my Ko-Fi: this is like a tip jar where you can “buy me coffee” (except it will, of course, be tea). If you like my work, I would be delighted if you’d consider supporting me there!

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I also have a Patreon, and I’ll post that link on each post as well. (ETA: my Patreon is currently on hiatus.) For those unfamiliar, Patreon is in the model of old-school patronage with newfangled technology, where if you like my work and want to support it you can choose to give me a certain dollar amount each month. While I’m committed to making sure the serial itself will always be free, any support here helps enable me to keep writing seriously long-term, and I would be grateful for any contributions you’re able to make. The Patreon also includes goals for writing pieces you can vote on, like choosing monstrous ingredients I then have to write into tea shop interludes or voting on bonus segments, and you can check out the details here.

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Last but definitely not least, reviews are priceless for an author. If you’re looking for a non-monetary form of support, I’d appreciate it if you could help spread the word! You can review Tea Princess Chronicles at listings on Goodreads, Web Fiction Guide, and Muse’s Success.