Bonus Scenes

Unlike Tea Shop Interludes, Bonus Scenes can feature any character or location that has appeared in Tea Princess Chronicles provided they don’t conflict with the main story line. I write Bonus Scenes when the Patreon reaches special goals, and all patrons get a say in what they want to read more of.

(Bonus Scenes will contain spoilers for events already posted, so please proceed with caution.)

Want to know how Lorwyn’s attempts to practice witchcraft with her sisters go, how Deniel chooses which stories to read to the cat, or how Risteri and Sa Nikuran’s relationship is developing? This is your chance!

Here’s the first unlocked bonus scene, written to answer the prompt, “How did Entero get to be a spy for the dowager queen?” As a special bonus, neither Miyara nor Entero is the point-of-view character in this one… =)

And here is the second bonus scene! This one is told from Saiyana’s perspective, set immediately following Chapter 18 of Tea Set and Match, when Ostario presents Saiyana with Miyara’s homemade desserts after Miyara has revealed Saiyana’s feelings.

Swift the Chase

You can read the third bonus scene in the free anthology Swift the Chase! This is a free anthology of fantasy chase scenes, which you can find more information about here.

This bonus scene is designed to work as an entry point to the series, but for those of you following along, it’s set after Chapter 17 of Tea Set and Match.

The pitch:

Told from the perspective of Miyara’s best friend, the brilliant and prickly witch Lorwyn, this scene also features Miyara’s former bodyguard from Book 1 (A Coup of Tea), the assassin Entero, whom Lorwyn is Definitely Not dangerously in love with…

Happy Reading!


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