Pasella Seed

A little girl marches into the shop with a group of disgruntled, only slightly older boys trailing behind her. “Welcome to Talmeri’s Teas and Tisanes,” I say. “How can I help you?” “I want the pasella seed tisane, please,” the girl announces. That’s a new one for me. “I’m not sure if we have any … More Pasella Seed

Chapter 18

I stay late, working on inventory until Lorwyn tells me she wants some privacy in the back and shoos me and Entero out. “How are you feeling?” I ask Entero. He’s been uncharacteristically quiet in the face of Lorwyn’s temper this afternoon, and I’m not sure if it’s out of consideration for her or if … More Chapter 18

Chapter 17

I return to the Central Market with a mission. After all my pacing the day before, it doesn’t take long to locate a basic, portable, slatted wooden tea tray, lightweight and with compartments to hold tea tools once I’ve acquired them. When I have everything but the tea, cups, and pot, for as cheap as … More Chapter 17

Chapter 16

“Are we early?” I ask Deniel as we enter the audience section and its rows of chairs in the large room where the city council meeting will take place. Entero told me he’d keep watch from the upper level and promptly vanished. I don’t see an upper level, so I assume this is another place … More Chapter 16

Chapter 15

Entero and I arrive at the shop early for the start of my second week of work, with plenty of time for Talmeri and me to review my work and negotiate my compensation. But Talmeri isn’t there. I’m a little surprised, and annoyed both that I’m surprised at all and that she would forget our … More Chapter 15

Chapter 14

A knock sounds at my door, and I throw it open without any preamble. “Come right—” Risteri takes one step toward me, and then a shadow flashes behind her. She throws the bundle in her arms at me, whirling and throwing a punch— That misses, because it’s Entero who’s dropped from my roof right behind … More Chapter 14

Chapter 13

This time when I knock on Deniel’s door, there’s still some sun in the sky. Probably any passersby can see how nervous I am, but so far I’m holding my composure substantially better. Entero will certainly be able to tell from wherever he’s watching, I have no doubt, but he’s doing me the courtesy of … More Chapter 13

Chapter 12

When it’s finally time to leave the tea shop for the day, I say to Entero, “Walk with me.” He raises his eyebrows but doesn’t protest. He would have shadowed me anyway, of course, but we haven’t had a chance to speak alone since he first tried to steal me away. I don’t know what … More Chapter 12