Chapter 13

This time when I knock on Deniel’s door, there’s still some sun in the sky. Probably any passersby can see how nervous I am, but so far I’m holding my composure substantially better. Entero will certainly be able to tell from wherever he’s watching, I have no doubt, but he’s doing me the courtesy of … More Chapter 13

Chapter 12

When it’s finally time to leave the tea shop for the day, I say to Entero, “Walk with me.” He raises his eyebrows but doesn’t protest. He would have shadowed me anyway, of course, but we haven’t had a chance to speak alone since he first tried to steal me away. I don’t know what … More Chapter 12


“What would really help him de-stress is if our cats would stop being so territorial about him and let him pet them both at once,” a young man says to Taseino, gesturing at his weary partner. “Nothing’s as relaxing as petting a cat. But barring that, I thought you might have a soothing tea?” “Miyara, … More Rodensbane

Chapter 11

I thought I could sleep forever, but I wake before dawn. As thoughts clatter through my mind, I decide I’m too restless for sleep to find me again anytime soon and get up. When I wash my hair, I’m startled not just by the length—I wonder how long it will take my muscles to remember … More Chapter 11

Chapter 10

The shop closes at last, Meristo heads out, and after a shockingly long time spent bickering with Lorwyn, Entero finally does, too, to do whatever he needs to arrange the form his assignment has now taken. “Don’t do anything stupid until I get back,” he growls at me. I’m reasonably sure I’ve managed the last … More Chapter 10

Stealthbee Secretions

“This is almost painful,” Lorwyn says idly. Across the room, Taseino is attempting to speak with a teenage girl. In the time it takes me to glance their way I watch them grow tangibly more uncomfortable. I’m not sure which is more poised to flee. “How can you just watch?” I ask. “Talmeri definitely does … More Stealthbee Secretions

Chapter 9

The news of my new status as a tea aspirant has begun to spread, and I spend nearly as much time carefully answering questions about the assessment and my course going forward as I do serving tea. After two hours of this, Meristo and I retreat to Lorwyn’s lab to confer. “My presence is making … More Chapter 9

Rainberry Crystals

Lorwyn bursts through the lab door into the front of the shop. “Miyara, Entero, in the back, right now!” she yells, then slams the door behind her. Lorwyn yelling is never a good sign. We drop what we’re doing. As soon as the door shuts behind us, Lorwyn points a finger at a mortified Iskielo … More Rainberry Crystals

Jellyrose Lichen

A smartly dressed old man enters the shop and waves me off when I attempt to seat him. “I just always like to look around and see what’s changed since the last time I was here,” he says, ambling around. “Never ceases to amaze me what Talmeri manages to make tea out of.” It’s Lorwyn … More Jellyrose Lichen