Rorenfruit Sludge

I’m barely in time to steady the tray Meristo has nearly spilled onto a customer’s head. This isn’t his first near-disaster born out of clumsiness and distraction today, and he’s clearly not going to improve. I silently motion for him to follow me to the back, and he comes, head bowed like Iskielo after a … More Rorenfruit Sludge

Sessaril Petals

Lorwyn bangs open the door from the back. “Miyara, we have an emergency.” Customers exchange glances and start murmuring. “Lorwyn, why don’t we—” “The back is full, and the door is blocked. The pallets are half unloaded, which means we can’t get them out of the way. And we just got a delivery of a … More Sessaril Petals

Shaved Sagehorn

This week’s interlude is a bit longer than usual in order to answer a question left in the comments of Sunshine Pods: “…does Talmeri’s do mail order?” The short answer is regrettably not. The long answer explaining the reasons is below.   I arrive at the tea shop early, asking Lorwyn as I come in … More Shaved Sagehorn