Gelasa Bark

Meristo enters the office and closes the door behind him. “Miyara, I’ll take on handling the front on my own if you need to finish the accounting today,” he says without preamble. “But please tell Taseino to go home.” His expression is uncharacteristically serious, and I frown, already rising. “He looked fine earlier.” “I thought … More Gelasa Bark

Tea Set and Match: Chapter 28 (Epilogue)

Political repercussions are coming, but they are largely Saiyana’s problem. Somehow this strange group in front of me has become mine—and Ostario’s. Ostario is here at the shop to take his leave from Lorwyn, because she’s his apprentice. But the lab is fuller than just us. “I’m coming back,” Ari tells a scowling Glynis. They’re … More Tea Set and Match: Chapter 28 (Epilogue)

Rorenfruit Sludge

I’m barely in time to steady the tray Meristo has nearly spilled onto a customer’s head. This isn’t his first near-disaster born out of clumsiness and distraction today, and he’s clearly not going to improve. I silently motion for him to follow me to the back, and he comes, head bowed like Iskielo after a … More Rorenfruit Sludge