Morlsbane Sap

From the tea brewing counter I see Iskielo struggling with a customer order, and as I make my way slowly to intercept, listening in to identify the problem, it’s clear: this is a customer who knows enough to know what questions to ask, and Iskielo has been left floundering to satisfy her now that her … More Morlsbane Sap

Update and Snippet

Hi friends, Work on Tea Princess Book 3 has begun, but regretfully posts are going to start later than I’d anticipated. To make a long story short, January was supposed to be a recovery month for me, and instead life Extremely Happened and it turned out to be the polar opposite, leaving me only just … More Update and Snippet

Bonus Scene: When Saiyana Receives Miyara’s Gift from Ostario

This bonus scene is told from Saiyana’s perspective, set immediately following Chapter 18 of Tea Set and Match. A knock on my office door startles me out of—staring at the wall, apparently. My fist clenches around my pen. I can’t even focus on theoretical magecraft diagramming. What good am I? When I don’t answer, Ostario lets … More Bonus Scene: When Saiyana Receives Miyara’s Gift from Ostario

Kelwort Green

All of us are nearly at our collective wit’s end with Iskielo today. I can sympathize with eating too much at the party his parents brought him to. I am less sympathetic about how very he smug he is about said food, all the while groaning and whining about how full he is and how … More Kelwort Green

Ever Starbloom

It takes me a few minutes to break through this customer’s brittle shell of courtesy, but at last the reason for the almost tangible cloud of sadness surrounding her erupts out. “I’m just so tired all the time,” she confesses miserably. “I don’t even like what I’m doing, but I don’t have the option of … More Ever Starbloom

Perynroot Red

I stay out of it as Meristo continues berating Iskielo. “You’ve got the whole boyish enthusiasm thing going for you, but you have to apply it on purpose,” Meristo tells him. “You’re just flailing around, and the customers can tell.” “I don’t want to flirt with old women!” Iskielo protests. “Who said anything about this … More Perynroot Red

Sylph’s Dancedrops

“We just love the idea of magical tea for our wedding, don’t you?” the customer gushes. “It would add a magical effect to what should be a magical day,” I agree. “Exactly! And since we’ll be ordering in volume, I know we can great bulk discounts,” she continues. Does she, now. “Perhaps we should establish … More Sylph’s Dancedrops

Seepingtoad Acid

I’m heading out of town this week without my laptop, so as is customary, I leave you with a Tea Shop Interlude! I’ll be back with Chapter 15 next Thursday, August 30th. Happy reading! Casey   Taseino comes over to me with a frown. “Could you talk to the customers by the door please?” I … More Seepingtoad Acid

Fleyrgast Droppings

“Miyara,” Lorwyn growls, “please come to the back when you have a moment.” This is surprisingly tactful of Lorwyn, which I’m sure is for the customers’ benefit. I don’t imagine for a moment though that she does not in fact mean “immediately.” I bow and take my leave, waving at Taseino so he knows to … More Fleyrgast Droppings