Back in Action!

Hi friends, Thanks so much for your patience as I’ve gotten my feet back under me. Just wanted to give you a heads up regular chapters will be resuming tomorrow (though probably pretty late in the evening, due only to the vagaries of my day job schedule this week)! As noted in the comments, I … More Back in Action!

Back from Tibet

Hi friends, I suppose I should know better than to write things like “if all goes according to plan.” The truth is everything extremely did not go according to plan. This trip was an adventure, in the good ways and the bad. Unfortunately the bad ways are mainly that I spent nearly all my planned writing time … More Back from Tibet

Temporary Hiatus

Hi friends, I expected to post continually for the next month, but a confluence of life things (sickness, travel, and multiple emergencies) have eaten up a huge amount of planned writing time and, in turn, the buffer. While I’m not out of buffer chapters, I’ve mentioned before this is my first time writing a Book … More Temporary Hiatus

One Year Anniversary?!

As of today, it’s been exactly one year since Tea Princess Chronicles launched! I admit this anniversary caught me by surprise–time flies, or perhaps flaps enthusiastically over to the nearest teapot. Thank you to everyone who’s been with me throughout this adventure. I hope you continue to enjoy Tea Princess Chronicles! Yours in tea and … More One Year Anniversary?!