Comment Policy

From the get-go, I set this site up so comments would need to be approved before posting, as a way to preemptively manage both bile and spam. My moderation policy has been that as long as someone wasn’t deliberately being rude, I’d approve the comment. But I’ve found over time and as my writing reaches more and more people (yay!) I increasingly get more comments that are some variation on negging or critique (not yay).

I will assume I do not need to explain why negging is offensive. As for critique: I do not post Tea Princess Chronicles for critique. That’s explicitly not the point. Not only is this serial effectively unedited, which I have plainly stated, when I do decide to edit, I have other avenues for critique that are not strangers on the internet, even well-meaning ones; avenues that I have troubleshooted over years and worked into my writing process.

Grammar and spelling corrections are still and always welcome. Speculation, questions, no problem; it brings me joy to see people actively wondering about the story. But if there are things you don’t like about Tea Princess Chronicles and want to talk about, you’re free to; just not, anymore, here. The internet exists: you can talk on your own social media feeds (though please, for goodness’ sake, don’t tag me if you’re going to trash my work), you can start your own blog, you can review the Tea Princess Chronicles listings on Goodreads, Web Fiction Guide, or Muse’s Success. But this space is not for negative feelings; this space is for hope, and mine is not less valuable than my readers’.

Some of these comments are not meant to be mean-spirited, as far as I can tell, which is why I’ve let this go on so long even if I haven’t responded. But the long and short of it is, whether I privately agree or disagree, if comments make me feel bad, I’m not going to keep approving them. This website is my space, and this is work I post for fun—and for free—and explicitly not for stress. Please be respectful of that.

Most of you won’t notice any difference in the comments, as my readership is, happily, largely positive, sensitive, and respectful. But I did want to state this explicitly for general reference.