Post Schedule Update

ETA: Apologies, I’ll actually be out of town for Thanksgiving! So I’ll have a Tea Shop Interlude coming for missing a week, and regular chapters will resume the first week of December.

Hi friends,

I’ve been avoiding doing this for longer than I should have, because I wanted to get through this book with what I promised you at the beginning. But unfortunately I need to make a structural change here.

The long and short of it is, I’m changing the posting schedule for regular chapters: they’ll now be every other week rather than every week.

There are a few reasons. One is that I recently launched a freelance business, and while ultimately this will help my writing schedule, it’s going to take a while for my schedule to settle. Another is that the outline for Royal Tea Service has expanded since I started drafting (we’re about two thirds of the way through, and it’s due to be at minimum 20,000 words longer than Tea Set and Match), and even without a schedule change it still wouldn’t finish before the new year as the previous two books have. There just aren’t enough weeks left, and I’m not going to rush it.

Tea Princess Chronicles was from the start an experiment for me, and one important lesson I’ve learned this year is that drafting two books at the same time doesn’t work well for me. (In previous years I was either editing other projects or writing smaller ones while drafting Tea Princess Chronicles.)

I realized this months ago and thought I could push through, but as time goes on the drafting is increasingly sloppy and thus taking increasing time to straighten out. The quality of both books I’m working on now is suffering, and frankly, I can finish my other one faster than Royal Tea Service. So I’m going to get that off my plate and give myself space to focus on making sure I nail this trilogy ending for you.

I don’t just want to finish this; I want it to be good, and I want to be confident that’s what I’m providing you. Giving myself more space to breathe is the best thing I can do without actually calling a hiatus.

Two and a half years of weekly updates is solid! I wish it could have been three, but given my current circumstances the story will benefit from this.

So no need to worry that this is due to any kind of inability to write—the outline is fine, I’m fine, and the story is in no jeopardy of not finishing! It’ll just take a little longer than I’d planned.

Thanks for your understanding, and I’ll have a chapter for you next week!


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