Swift the Chase – Cover Reveal!

Some of you may have a vague memory that when I posted Tea Set and Match Chapter 17, I dropped a teaser at the bottom to note this story location for future reference.

A year down the road, that future is here, and I am thrilled to announce a Tea Princess Chronicles bonus scene is going to be published in anthology of fantasy chase scenes called Swift the Chase! Check out this gorgeous cover by Seedlings Design.

Magic—danger—and the thrill of the chase!

Experience the rush of racing across rooftops with thieves—or the desperation of fleeing an assassin who knows you a little too well. From the fish market of a tropical island sultanate, to the monster-filled alleys of a steampunk London, to a land where souls take different forms as they rise or fall through the layers of the world, this collection of chase scenes and vignettes set in nine distinctive worlds will leave you spellbound.

Find unexpected allies, unshakeable enemies, sudden twists and turns, and always the swiftness of the chase—whether you’re on the hunt, or racing for your life.

This is a free promotional anthologyI’ll be back with retailer links once they’re live, but for now you can add it on Goodreads if you’re interested in the story.

Like the other Tea Princess Chronicles bonus scenes, this one’s not from Miyara’s perspective. This time, you’re getting a glimpse of Lorwynand specifically, a moment in her relationship with Entero >=). The story is designed to function as an entry point for readers new to the series, but for those of you who know what’s been going on with those two characters, it will be extra special.

I have been sitting on this news FOREVER and am so excited to share it with you. The lineup for this anthology is humbling, and we’re going to be hosting a Facebook party to celebrate the publication and give away free books! Mark your calendars for October 8th: I’ll be on deck from 3:30-4:00pm PST to answer questions and post some Tea Princess Chronicles trivia!

I’ve read Sunbolt, The Desert Wall, and the Saga of Willow North series and recommend them all!

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