Summer Madness

Hi folks!

Quick update about the upcoming serial schedule: this week I’m heading out to 4th Street Fantasy, so as is customary I’ll be posting a Tea Shop Interlude in place of a chapter this week. Chapter 8 will be up next week on June 20th.

That said, there’s going to be a substantial break in the posting schedule in July due to the madness of my wedding. Given what those shenanigans are going to do to my schedule, including the committed preparation time and necessary recovery, I would not be surprised if I miss a full three Thursdays of posting (7/4-18). Apologies for the necessity, but life happens–and wow will it be extremely happening this summer, aaaaaaaah (my brain, basically: O_O)–but occasions like this are one of the main reasons Tea Shop Interludes exist!

So you will ultimately get a Tea Shop Interlude for every week I’m unavailable, and when this website goes silent in July I promise it’s not because I’ve abandoned Royal Tea ServiceĀ unfinished. The regular posting schedule will have resumed by August; I just wanted to give you all a heads up before my brain temporarily explodes!

Happy reading,


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