Holiday Bonus Scene

Hi friends,

December is here, the holiday season is upon us, and I’m feeling festive! I want to give you all a Tea Princess Chronicles holiday gift, so here’s the deal:

Anyone who is or becomes a backer of my Patreon, which supports Tea Princess Chronicles, in any amount* during the month of December can vote on a bonus scene!

Voting will be open all month, and the bonus scene will be up as fast as I can manage it in January. Tea Set and Match should be finished by then, so I don’t expect that to take me long.

Unlike Tea Shop Interludes, Bonus Scenes are set outside the tea shop and outside the main plot. They feature a place, particular characters, etc. that have already appeared and you want to see more of, provided it doesn’t spoil the ongoing story line (given how close I am to wrapping up Book 2 here, that essentially means spoilers for Book 3).

You can read the first bonus scene here for an example of what this can look like: the prompt was “How Entero Became a Spy,” and it’s written from the point of view of the dowager queen Esmeri, Miyara’s grandmother.



These are the prompts (my unintentional theme here seems to be awkward romantic moments…) you are welcome and invited to vote on if you back the Patreon this month!

  1. Entero and Deniel’s conversation when Entero wakes Deniel up after he’s been sleeping with Miyara for the first time.
  2. Lorwyn showing up at Miyara and Risteri’s apartment and interrupting Sa Nikuran’s visit.
  3. Ostario presenting Saiyana with Miyara’s homemade desserts after Miyara has revealed Saiyana’s feelings.



And if you’re not feeling any of those prompts? Suggest your own! There is also an option for “Patron’s Choice” in the poll, and if you can imagine it within the given parameters, I am happy to write it. The only prompt I’m going to nix in advance is one focusing on Entero and Lorwyn’s interactions together, for secret reasons >=).

How does Deniel pick out what stories to read to Talsion, and how does Lorwyn cope at home with all her sisters? How does Thiano spend his days, or what was it like when Miyara finally got to explore the Gaellani courtyard Lorwyn introduced her to early in A Coup of Tea? How does Risteri get along with her fellow guides, and does she ever get caught caught out of her depth in the Cataclysm? What did Saiyana’s reaction to Miyara’s choice to leave look like, and what were she, Ostario, and Miyara like as children in mage school?

Back the Patreon, let me know what you want to read, and in celebration of the holiday season I will write whichever scene you’re all most excited about. =)

Have at it, and as always, happy reading!



*The sidebar on Patreon says the minimum backing amount is $2 only because I can’t figure out how to change how this displays, but if you back for just $1, you will still get access to the whole Patreon.

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